How would you describe your business relationship? 14 Temmuz 2013

In English we have many phrases or metaphors to describe our relationships.  These phrases can be used for all kinds of relationships, as well as business ones.  Let’s consider some of these:

1-      ‘It’s plain sailing’:  This image comes from sailing and describes a boat on a smooth sea.  This means that the relationship is successful and easy.  There are not many disagreements and everything flows naturally.

2-      ‘It’s all swings and roundabouts’:  This phrase comes from the old fairground where you had swings to play on and roundabouts.  Sometimes you would lose on one but then win on the other so they would even each other out.  This means that you have a balanced relationship.

3-      ‘We have reached the end of the road’: This means that although there was a relationship , for whatever reason the journey together has come to an end and the relationship is now over.

So I will leave you with a question:  Can you think of three business relationships that you have or have had that would fit these three expressions above?

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