Appreciate 30 Haziran 2013

When asking someone to do something for you, such as to give you some information or to confirm something for you, many people use the following phrase:

I would be grateful if you could send me the information.

Remember from what we have learnt this week that information is not plural with ‘s’, but stays as ‘information’ because we cannot count it. 

In some cases some learners try to take the above phrase ‘to be grateful’ and use it with other adjectives.  One of the most common is:

I would be appreciated if you could send me the information.

While the student has swapped two adjectives, this sentence is incorrect because you have to ‘appreciate something’.   The correct way then to say this sentence is:

I would appreciate it if you could send me the information

The something is represented by ‘it’.  The other important point to note is that ‘appreciate’ is a verb, but ‘grateful’ doesn’t have its own verb, therefore we have to use the construction ‘to be grateful’.

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