Business English Dictionaries 24 Mayıs 2013

Various areas of business such as finance, import – export, accounting, economics, currency trading HR and so on can have their own specialised vocabulary, that are usually not found in general English learners’ dictionaries.   Google Translate and Babel are very inaccurate.  At the Intermediate level you need to start progressing to English-English dictionaries, as the higher your English level the less translation will work. Google Translate and Babel are very inaccurate. But you have a few options available to you to make your language more accurate:

1-The Oxford Business English Dictionary (for Intermediate to Advanced Learners):  It comes with an interactive CD ROM

2-Business  You can search words and more importantly phrases.  The search results will also to be related to relevant articles or videos, that either explain or use the word.

Today, start taking your English to a whole new level, by exploring these dictionary options and moving beyond translation.