Business Gurus 02 Temmuz 2013

Do you have a guru?  Someone who mentors you or who you follow and learn from in your business is a guru.  Charles Handy recorded a series of programmes for BBC world learning English looking at his favourite business gurus.  Some of the people he discusses are:

Sumantra Ghoshal

Bill Gates

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Gary Hammel

Each programme comes with work sheets, which cover listening note taking, grammar, vocabulary and so on.  There are also extra readings to go with some of the people he focuses on.  All of the worksheets have answer keys so that you can self-study.  With this resource you cannot only learn business English but also learn from the ideas of some of the best business gurus in the world.  This resource is ideal for upper intermediate and advanced students.  To find out more visit the BBC website here.


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