Carry 28 Mayıs 2013

‘Carry’ is quite an interesting word.  Apart from the meaning ‘to hold in your hand and take somewhere’, it actually has many other meanings related to business English.  These are the meanings we are interested in today.    The first business English meaning is shown in the example below:

Ayşe carries all the responsibility as the CEO of the company.

‘Carry’ here means ‘to have’ all of the responsibility.

When we pair ‘carry’ with several prepositions the meaning completely changes.  Look at the two examples below:

(1)    The company is carrying out its marketing strategy.

Here ‘carry out’, means to ‘do’ or ‘follow’ a plan.

(2)    Cem has decided to carry on working at the same company.

In this example ‘carry on’ means ‘continue to do something.  So today I hope you carry out your English goals by carrying on learning English.)  


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at