Extensive reading with Time magazine 10 Temmuz 2013

If you want to make your language more natural and fluent then it is important that spend time speaking, or doing extensive listening and reading.  So today I have found a nice article that you can read, that is manageable but long enough to help you gain fluency.  When reading for fluency, it is important that you relax and don’t overuse your dictionary, or worry about unknown words unless they are stopping you understanding the meaning.  In a couple of days after you have had time to read the article, I am going to come back and give you some exercises and look at some interesting words that come up in it.  The article this time comes from Time.com and is called ‘The Time Tech 40’ and looks at the most influential people in the world of tech.  You can access the article here at http://business.time.com/2013/05/01/time-tech-40-the-ten-most-influential-tech-ceos/slide/the-time-tech-40/.

Happy reading.)