Gold 19 Temmuz 2013

Today we are going to listen to a video about gold from entitled ‘Bernanke: ‘No One Understands Gold Prices’.  Bernanke discusses people’s perception of gold.  In the clip there are a few interesting phrases that are used to refer to gold.

(1)   If you have gold in your portfolio then you are ‘holding gold’.

(2)   The price of gold can be described as ‘going up’ or ‘going down’.  This up and down pattern is also described as ‘the movement of gold’.

(3)   The video also refers to ‘the protection that gold affords’.  ‘Affords’ here means ‘give’ and not its usual meaning of ‘having enough money or resources to do something’.

Bernanke also states that many people see gold as an asset, either as an ‘inflation hedge’ or as a psychological tool to protect themselves as a ‘disaster insurance’.  How far would you agree with Bernanke’s views?  Watch this video and see if you can pick up the phrases and the themes.   

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