How do you conduct a meeting? 21 Temmuz 2013

Business innovator Nilofer Merchant in this short TEDtalk looks physically at how we conduct a meeting.  The normal mode of operation is to sit down rather than stand and move around, but this can have real consequences for health.  So in this video she suggests the walk and talk meeting, an innovative idea to not only boost your health but also your creative thinking.  In this video she uses some interesting phrases that I want to highlight:

1)      ‘Sitting is so incredibly prevalent’  – This means that sitting is so common that no one think about it anymore.

2)      ‘Out of the box thinking’ – this means not thinking in a traditional way rather than looking at it from different perspectives.

3)      ‘Fresh air drives fresh thinking’  – In English creativity is driven by something else.  In this case fresh air causes fresh thinking.

 So let me ask you:

What is prevalent in your life?

How do you do your out of the box thinking?

Does fresh air produce fresh thinking for you?

Have a good Sunday.)


Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young at