INNOVATION 22 Mayıs 2013

‘Innovation’ means the process through which you create new ideas that help you to lead your business sector.  The word ‘innovation’ has other word forms to go with it.  If your company wants to describe itself as a company that is good at creating new ideas, then you can describe yourself as ‘an innovative company’.  Every company wants to lead the field with its innovation, so if you want to focus on the company as a leading, active player, then you can say that your company is ‘an innovator in the field of finance’.  If you truly are the leader, then this takes you out of the normal business environment and puts you in the same category as a pioneer.  The place that this company lives is not just in the market, but you find yourself ‘on the cutting edge’.  This means that you live in the place of new ideas and that you are creating new ideas in this space.  For example, ‘Many companies in Silicon Valley are on the cutting edge of technology ‘.



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