It is interested 01 Temmuz 2013

Continuing with our adjective theme from yesterday we are now going to look today at the following uses of ‘interested’ and ‘interesting’.  Sometimes these two forms can become confused for some learners.  Two sentences that learners commonly produce are:

a- It is interested

b- I am interesting in it

In a, the reason ‘Interested’ is incorrect is because usually a human being can be interested in something.  This interest comes from the inside of a person.  Therefore when we are talking about an inanimate object, such as a book or a film, that has the word ‘it’, we need to use ‘interesting’:

a- It is interesting

However, in sentence b, the ‘ing’ form ‘interesting’ gives the characteristic of something.  It can be used for people or objects.  The correct sentence for b should actually be:

b- I am interested in it

As it describes how we feel about the object rather than it’s characteristic.

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