Opposites and Millennials 27 Temmuz 2013

Migros does it as well as Carrefour.  Delivering food to your door via the Internet has a huge potential market if you can get customers to cut out going to the store.  On Nightly Business Report recently, they looked at this 650 billion dollar sector in the US with the entry of Amazon.com into this sector.  The article I am going to post today is entitled ‘Your next meal may come compliments of Amazon’.  There is a brief introductory video but the actual article holds some interesting language points related to opposites.  In this case a phrase is either positive or negative and the opposite phrase is either positive or negative.  Here are some of the pairs:

a-      The groundbreaking Internet grocery business flew high’ in the dotcom boom, then ‘imploded’ in 2001.  -  ‘Flew high’ means had an amazing quick success but ‘imploded’ means to have a huge failure.

b-      Since that ‘initial debacle’, local companies like Fresh Direct and national chains like Safeway have ‘made headway’ – Here ‘initial debacle’ means first disaster, but the opposite phrase ‘made headway’ means have recovered enough to build a business.

c-       You really want to make sure that you can ‘work out the kinks’ and ‘deliver a great experience’.  – In this pairing ‘work out the kinks’, means to solve the problems.  Once you have worked out the kinks then you can deliver a great customer experience.

However, my favourite phrases from the article are the way the writer refers to people who use the Internet in a modern way.  They are referred to as ‘millennial minded customers’ or ‘millennials’.   So I will wish to all you millennials out there a wonderful Saturday.)


Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net