Present Perfect For New News 27 Mayıs 2013

Many students around the world have learnt that present perfect is mainly used to explain experiences that started in the past, occurred in the present and still have the possibility of happening again in the future.  For example:

1)      I have been a HR manager for the last 10 years at Garanti Bank. (the person has been a manager for 10 years, is still the manager now and will continue to be the manager)

2)      I have been to Paris on business three times.  (The person went to Paris three times in the past, is explaining the experience now, and in their mind they will go to Paris again.  The door has not closed yet).

However, there is another use for present perfect; to relate some information that has recently happened and is new to the listener.  For example:

(1)    I have just met with the manager of Yapi Kredi bank and he is willing to extend our credit. (The meeting has taken place in the last two-days)

(2)    I have written the email to the company explaining our project.  (This could be used when reporting to someone you are working with on a project, that you have completed the job that was allocated to you, quite recently)

Both of these examples happened in the past and have finished but because you are updating the listener about the recent news you can use present perfect.  If you look at any newspaper in English you will notice that at the start of some stories the present perfect is used in this way.  Why not try it out by looking at The New York Times today and identifying this use of the present perfect.   


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