Really becoming fluent through films 28 Temmuz 2013

There comes a point in any language journey, where the time has come to really push for fluency, rather than the safe option.  I know because I came to a point in my French study where simply studying the language was not enough, I needed to push myself to try to understand like a native person, without having to think.  This is not easy if you do not live in the country where the language is spoken.  However, I did find a good solution to help me on my way to fluency and that was watching films without subtitles.  At first it is a little scary, as the first 30 minutes of the film can just wash over your ears, but as you slowly get used to having no subtitles, you ears start to really hear the words and the accents used.  A good way to start is to watch a film that you have seen before.  You will know the story so then you won’t become frustrated.  Another way to do this is to watch with a friend who is also learning English.  That way you can encourage yourself to keep going and check with each other if you don’t understand.  The other advantage of this method was that it was enjoyable, so I wanted to do it more.  All you need to do is pick a film and get going.)

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