Relative clause answers 29 Haziran 2013

Yesterday, I set the challenge asking you to translate the following sentences into English.  So here are the answers, let’s see how you did.):

a-      Çalıştığmız günler     = The days on which we work

b-      Çalıştığımız mesele  =  The problems we are working on

c-       Çalıştığımız yer...      =  The place we work

Let’s just talk about these.  The verb part of the relative clause comes before the noun in Turkish but after the noun in English.  In example a in English you need to have the preposition ‘on’ with ‘which’ because work has a preposition and when we use a verb in a relative clause the verbs preposition attaches itself to the relative pronoun, in this case ‘which’.  In the other two example b and c, notice that the relative clause has been cut out.  You could have included the relative pronoun but usually in this type of adjective relative clause where there are two different subjects, ‘the place’ and ‘we’ in the same sentence you can cut the relative pronoun.