Some answers 05 Temmuz 2013

Yesterday we posted some conversation mistakes that Turkish people usually make. Below are the sentences we posted and the corrections.

1- I went to home at 10 last night

The correct sentence should be ‘I went home at 10 last night’. This is because home already has the idea of ‘to’ inside the word.

2- I married with my wife in 2008

In English the correct sentence is ‘I married my wife’. The word ‘with ‘ is already contained in the idea of the word ‘marry’.

3- I gave help to the project

The correct sentence for this one is ‘I helped the project’. This is a translation problem from Turkish to English.

4- Wait me outside and I will be there in a minute

In English unlike the Turkish we need to add 'for' to 'wait' to make
it correct. The correct answer is ‘Wait for me outside and I will be there in a minute’.

5- I am out of the office one time in a week

The correct sentence is ‘I am out of the office once a week’.

6- I turned back to Istanbul two days ago

Again this is a translation problem. In English we have to ‘come back’. The correct answer is ‘I came back to Istanbul two days ago’.

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