Some informations 27 Haziran 2013

While most learners understand the plural rules of countable and uncountable nouns in English for many common words, such as:

Some news (you can count the items of news)

As opposed to:

Some music (you can’t really count or quantify music so it is uncountable)

However, even for advanced learners there are a few nouns that still cause them to make mistakes with the uncountable and countable rules.  Two of the most common mistakes are:

a-We have collected some informations about the company.

b-We have conducted some researches about the company.

In both these sentences the learners have made the nouns countable.  However, in both these cases the actual thing being referred to are seen by native speakers as being stream like.  They cannot be divided into segments; there is no defined beginning and end that can be formed into physical units.  That is why they are uncountable.  So I hope today that we have been able to give you some information that will enable you to continue your research in English.  

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