Success 17 Temmuz 2013

In English there are many phrases that relate to success.  These either collocate with success or mean that you are successful or on your way to success.  Here are a few expressions:

a- ‘The only way is up’:  This means that your business or project is going in the right direction.

b- ‘The company is heads above the rest’:  This means that the company is the clear leader in the market.

c- ‘The company has arrived’:  This means that the company is now a serious player in the market.

You can also use these to describe people. So let me ask you:

Is your only way up?

Have you arrived?

Are you heads above the rest?

I will leave you with a video, called fly to paradise that was created by people in their homes through their webcams and compiled by a well known composer Eric Whitaker.  This song talks about your own success as flying.  So as you watch, why not ask yourself ‘Am I flying today?’