The answer to yesterday's preposition challenge 14 Haziran 2013

Before we look at the answers to yesterday’s preposition verb challenge, let’s just remember what you had to do.  You had to decide which prepositions each of these verbs could take.  Your options were 'for', 'on', 'to' or 'no preposition.   Ok, so here are the answers:  Each one has an example sentence to go with it.

*agree on:  They agreed on the terms of the contract.

           to:   They have agreed to work together.

*account for:  They needed to account for their expenses with the finance department

*apply for: She applied for the position of senior manager

          to:  They needed to apply their previous experience to the situation (here ‘apply to’

                 means use)         

*belong to:  I belong to a dynamic organization.

            on:  This folder belongs on the shelf not my desk.  (here ‘belongs on’, means putting

                    something back in its right place.  

*complain to:  I complained to the manager about my salary.

*discuss for :  We discuss our marketing strategy every day for 10 minutes.

             no preposition :  We discussed the proposal.

*meet  on:  We will meet on Wednesday. (day or date)

           to:  We will meet to discuss the new plan. (reason to meet)

          for: We will meet for 10 minutes   (the length of the meeting)

*phone no preposition: Please phone the CEO of the company immediately.

          for:  Please phone for some refreshments (usually ordering a service)

*wait on/for:  I am waiting on/for an answer

          to:  I am still waiting to hear what they think about our proposal

*write to:  I wrote to them yesterday

         on:  I am writing a report on the topic of globalization.

         for: I am writing the report for our client

*enter for:  Every year I enter for the competition.  (Here this means ‘apply’)

          no preposition: I entered the building.