The rise and fall revisited 31 Mayıs 2013

Let’s start with yesterdays’ challenge.  What other adverbs did you find that could go with ‘rise’ and ‘fall’.  Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

Adverbs:  ‘rise suddenly’, ‘rise sharply’, ‘rise steadily’ (These can also be used with ‘fall’)

However, my next question today is what synonyms, could you use in place of ‘rise and ‘fall’.  Here are a few suggestions:

Rise: soar (rise like a bird flying high in the sky), increase, climb

Some sentence examples of these verbs combined with the adverbs we have been learning are included below:

a-      Our share price has suddenly soared

b-      Our customer base has steadily increased

c-       Our market share has sharply climbed over the past 5 years.

In the case of ‘fall’ here are other synonyms you could use:

Fall: plummet (fall as if you have fallen from a high building), tumbled (as if you fall out of bed), dropped, decreased

The first two words in the synonym list are demonstrated in the example sentences below:

a-      Unfortunately our share price plummeted over night.

b-      The housing market has tumbled in the US.

However, I hope that in your English learning endeavours that your efforts will soar.

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