Titans, start ups and emerging markets 13 Temmuz 2013

Here are the answers to yesterday’s challenge.  Let’s have a look and see how you did.  Let’s remind ourselves of the exercise:

Exercise 1: Can you find the meaning of these words in the article?

a- (page 1) This word means ‘giants’.

The answer here is ‘titans’.  You could use the word like this:

 The Titans of the soft drinks industry are Pepsi and Coca Cola

b- (page 1) This word appears three times as a verb, a noun and an adjective. It means ‘beginning’.

The answer here was the verb ‘to start up’, the noun ‘start ups’ and the adjective ‘start up’ as in ‘a start up company’.  This means a new company in the market.

c-  (page 2) This word means ‘slowly appearing in a new area’.

The answer here was ‘emerging’.  This adjective likes the word ‘market’.  So you can have ‘an emerging market’, which means a new market that is slowly appearing but is not established yet.

d- (page 4) This world means ‘the leader’ or ‘at the front of a new movement’.

The answer here is ‘the vanguard’.  It comes from military language but is used in business English.

e- (page 6) This word means ‘the next big product’.

The answer here is ‘hit’.  If it is a hit, it means it is the new leading product in the market.  For example, the iPhone was a huge hit.

Image courtesy of suphakit73 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net