To close a deal 10 Haziran 2013

How you close a deal after your negotiations in English is quite important.  You might have reached complete agreement but you also might still have some points that you need to discuss.  There are various phrases that you can use to summarise the main points of the deal, to show that there are still areas to negotiate, or to show that you are at the written contract stage.  Let’s look at each area:

A: Summarising the deal:  If you want to check each point or to summarise the deal, you can use the following phrases:

1-Let me just go over the main points (=to summarize the whole deal)

2-On A (The point in question) we agreed that ........(To summarise point by point)

B: Areas still to negotiate:  If you want to raise the point that this is an area where you have not reached any agreement, you can say:

There’s still the outstanding issue of A.(‘outstanding' here means unfinished)

C: The written contract stage: If you want to move to a written summary or contract you can say:

1-We’ll send you a written contract based on our discussions.

2-We’ll send you a written proposal based on what we have discussed in this meeting.

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