To Launch /To Kick Off /To Get the Ball Rolling 19 Mayıs 2013


What do the three expressions in the title of this tip have in common?  They all mean ‘to start something’.  Let’s look at them in detail:

a)‘To launch a product’ means to introduce the product into the market for the first time.  This could, for example, be through press releases or adverts, in order to get your customers attention.

b) ‘To kick off a meeting or discussion’ means to start a meeting or discussion.  A person might say, “Let’s kick off this discussion by sharing any ideas you have had for this project”.

c) ’To get the ball rolling’ means to begin.  For example, if you want to begin work on a project or to start a meeting, you can say to your business partner, once you have agreed your terms, “let’s get the ball rolling”.



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