To provide a service 24 Temmuz 2013

With the birth of the royal baby being projected around the world, many commentators have noted that his whole life will not be his own but related to the service of others as a member of the royal family.  With this in mind and looking back at yesterday’s article here are some phrases that relate to providing services to others.  Let’s consider each one:

A - an entire industry dedicated to helping individuals and businesses manage their online reputations

Here ‘dedicated to helping’, means providing a service.  So you could say ‘Our company is dedicated to providing accurate financial advice’.

B – (i) The services he offered ranged from 150-490 euros (£130-£420)

     (ii) Mr Cobain's agency offers a range of services

Usually services are offered or provided.  Note the difference between whether ‘service’ is the subject or the object of the sentence.  ‘range’ here means, a wide variety of services.

C - He runs the social media activities of up to half a dozen clients at a time

‘runs’ is an alternative way to say ‘offers a service’.  Note that you need to have ‘activities’ or ‘projects’ after ‘runs’.   

D - the service is also proving popular with estate agents.

If a service you provide is working well and you have many customers using the service you can use the phrase ‘proving popular with’ to show that many people are buying or using it.

E - The service can tackle older, damaged photos  

This is another way for you to say that this is a service we provide by using the word ‘tackle’.  You could say, ‘This service can tackle your business portfolio and your online reputation’.

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