Yabancılar İçin Türkçe


Our Turkish Lesson for Expats service is designed for Non-Turkish executives and professionals residing in Turkey. We at Fluent English for Professionals understand very well the difficulties non-native speakers living and working in Turkey face from not knowing the local language, and we work to ensure that, through our services, non-native speakers  working in Turkey achieve a more socially-active, effective and successful professional life.                                     

With our trained professional staff and flexible locations and hours, we will come up with a solution that fits a hectic work schedule.

Fluent offers both Turkish for General Purposes and Business Turkish.  Our classes are arranged as one-to-one or group lessons.  For our clients’ work requirements, we design a specialized professional Turkish program based on their field, position and needs, and we design our Turkish for General Purposes for our clients to function in social settings and to develop their Turkish communication capabilities.

Our Turkish Education Programs:

- Survival Turkish

- Turkish for General Purposes

- Business Turkish

  • Turkish Email Language
  • Turkish Presentation Skills
  • Reading or Preparation of Turkish Reports
  • Conducting Meetings in Turkish
  • Turkish Negotiation Skills
  • Turkish Interview Techniques
  • Turkish Telephone Skills

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